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The First Katie Adams LJ Community

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Funny little story I just had to share: I went to see Wicked with my roommate (who has never seen the show, ever) on Friday night. I seriously had to haul ass to make it to the theatre by curtain- at 7:40pm I was still at work! Anyway, got to the theatre about three minutes till curtain, ran in without checking the understudy board, got to my seat and there were no inserts in my Playbill. Show starts, Galinda says her first line and I think to myself "I swear that is Katie Adams on that stage!"

Mind you I haven't seen Katie as Glinda since- I want to say since last summer on tour? (Maybe once earlier this year?) And I have *never* seen Kate Reinders on stage- for all I knew Kate and Katie sound similar or something. But I just *knew* that was Katie- I love her Glinda. And I got confirmation on Sunday that yes, Katie did go on Friday night. So I love the fact that even from the wayback orch and not having seen/heard her in forever, I can still recognize Katie Adams when I see her!
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I haven't posted here in a while, so I thought this would be just as good a time as any.

The new Broadway cast is up!  As I'm sure you all know, the 8th was the last for Michelle, Shoshana and David.  Carol, Derrick and Eden are taking over starting Tuesday.  I love how the tour cast is gradually moving to Broadway! :)  So anyway, the site's already updated and Katie's up with a big headshot.  Congrats Katie!!!


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So YAY! Check this stuff out! Katie Adams as the Broadway Glinda standyby for four weeks baby!! http://www.playbill.com/events/cast_list/2236.html

How awesome is that!! Now just to get to New York... :)

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1. while looking through the grimmerie in preperation for tomorrow, i came across a beautiful picture of Katie in the emerald city, and realized no one had posted anything about her being in the book @ all. so... if you haven't yet seen the grimmerie, get it! katie's in it!
2. can anyone get that picture of her scanned or whatev to me, please? TOTAL icon idea
3. i'm upset that she's gone. :o( no katie, no stephanie when i see it tomorrow... do we know her future plans?
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so i went to WICKED in st. louis last sat, and i'm going back this sat again. i saw emily rozek as glinda (she was actually really funny and cute) but i am PRAYING that katie gets to go on. although she's hilarious as glinda's friend, i really want to see her before she leaves.

also, i didn't get a chance to meet her cause' they had rehearsal right after the mat. show, so hopefully i will have the opportunity this week.

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Hey Y'all!
I made a video for Katie that some of you have seen and some of you haven't. I showed her yesterday so I guess I can post it now for you guys to see.


If I need to upload it again just let me know!

<3 Brooklyn

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St. Louis was last weekend, and it was awsome. I was soooo happy I got to see Katie go on as Glinda. I hate that St.Louis is her last stop.

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Ok--So Emily, Lizzy, Brooklyn, my brother, and my mom and myself went to St. Louis last weekend and we got another classic Trucker Glinda picture! Well I hope everyone here at the community is doing well!

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other additional note:
"I miss NY. so i'm going home. But hopefully broadway is next!"

:] me too!!!!!
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